CEO | Mission Minimise

Ms. Amita Singh - CEO

Ms. Amita Singh, CEO Mission Minimise is an Ex-MBA from IIM-Lucknow. Her educational, professional background and experience has put her in a sound position to take on various roles on a management level. Ms Singh is the face of Mission Minimise and responsible for fielding interviews and media requests, making appearances on radio and TV, issuing press releases and attending local events.

Ms Amita Singh is the one of the top ranking executive and decision-maker of Mission Minimise. She is responsible for strategic direction of Mission Minimise that include its values, mission, vision, direction and overall strategy of the organisation.

She is responsible for figure out how all the pieces fit together, implement a plan, execute it and oversee the operation of the organization, in accordance with its overarching strategy. Ms Singh is having more than 15 years of marketing and business communication experience spanning four multinational companies. She delivered origination budget results, development of skills and capacity plans also anticipated demand while understanding and aligning to the market needs.

Recently, she enlightened that working with different industries for the past years, it's the right time for her to take a leap forward and work for an organisation where she can put her initiative, team building skills and empathy to bring changes in lives of the people in society.

She discovered that Mission Minimise and it’s team members have the track record of attending to the cause of the needy, so she considers Mission Minimise is socially useful while pursuing a career. As she has always wanted to put her education and her zeal to contribute to society, she feel Mission Minimise is the right engine for a flying start.

Ms Amita Singh - CEO